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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Counting Macros!

Counting Macros!

It is important to understand the fundamentals of nutrition because it'll make everything else much easier to go about. Building muscle, losing/gaining weight, etc. So, Is counting Macros even worth it?

Understanding Macros!

The foods we consume have CALORIES "nutrients" - Macro and Micro-nutrients. We're only going to focus on "Macros."

Macro nutrients are: Proteins, Fats and Carbs

This is the main information you're wanting to understand. Each food and drink item you consume contains nutrients, whether it is proteins, carbs and/or fats. When it comes to losing weight, gaining weight, and/or building muscle, it's important to understand how much of macro's you're getting at the end of the day.

Examples of Macro [Foods]Info:

Breads/Pasta/Oatmeal/Rice = Carbs and Proteins
Fats = Avacodes, nuts, seeds, etc
Protein = Meats, fish, nuts, seeds, etc.

Us, people, tend to eat poorly. Meaning we don't prioritize nutrition so, at the end of the day, we're impacting our health.
It's important to realize the foods you consume because knowing about nutrition, you can make your life and your own health much better. 

THE BENEFITS of Counting Macros

By counting macros, you can ensure that you're either receiving enough nutrients and/or promoting a calorie surplus, a calorie deficit or maintenance. You can alter these macros such as fats and carbs to alter your physical appearance (manipulating calories/macros to obtain a certain physique).
People who want to shred down typically decrease their carb intake, and for bodybuilders, they have to reach their quota to maintain and to continue to build muscle, etc.

- Benefits people who want to lose weight or gain weight

- Helps alter their physical appearance - shredded look, dry-out look, vascular, etc.

- It helps with building muscle because it ensures that you're receiving enough nutrients to nourish your body for muscle growth.

- Helps with understanding food and nutrition

For example, Bodybuilders want to get approx .08g~1g of protein per body weight in order to recover and grow properly. Without enough protein intake, you're hindering your progress and recovery. It's impacting your whole health, regarding bodybuilding. 

Many people are not deficient in proteins, fats or carbs unless you know that your diet is poor. It's quite difficult to be deficient because, in America, we tend to excessively consume too much of either proteins, fats or carbs. (That's why we have an obesity problem, eh?)

People who wonder why they're underweight will benefit from counting macros because it gives you a baseline of your calorie intake and macro intake.
It gives you an insight whether if you're underfeeding yourself or depriving yourself of certain nutrients. It's important that you consume all food groups to receive all the nutrients your body needs.

For vegan people, plant-based foods contain all the necessary and vital nutrients your body needs in order to live healthily [and to promote muscle!]

If you are a beginner and need help diving into the fitness realm, understand the basics.
Calories are Nutrients, nutrients are macro/micronutrients, and macros are proteins, fats, and carbs, and Micro-nutrients are; Vitamins and minerals; sodium, potassium, zinc, iron, etc. It's complex to understand micronutrients. It's not really ideal to understand and count micronutrients unless you have a really poor diet or depriving yourself of food groups.

If you're really wanting to better your health, counting macros can help you pick out good foods. It'll help guide you in the right direction to start eating more healthily. People who tend to count macros/calories end up eating heathier because essentially that's the end goal, eat healthily and look good. Without knowing macros and anything about nutrition, you have no idea whether the foods you consume are healthy or nourishing. 

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