How To GAIN Weight Naturally

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How To GAIN Weight Naturally

Weight Gain tips

How To Gain Weight Naturally

Gaining Weight is Done by eating foods. You have to accumulate so many calories in order to promote weight gain, thus it is known as a calorie surplus.

Calorie Surplus

 means that you're consuming more calories than you typically do, and when you consume more calories, it will result in fat and muscle gain. Calories are the most important factor when it comes to gaining weight and losing weight. So, you must put yourself into a calorie surplus PHASE if you're wanting to grow in weight. You must increase calories throughout the day to acquire the number of calories you need.

Effective Tips To Gain Weight

  • - Be in A Calorie Surplus
  • - Have Bigger [Meal] Portions
  • - TRACK Your Calories
  • - Flexible Dieting
  • - EAT Calorie Dense foods
  • - Eat Foods that are Versatile; Such as Oatmeal, Smoothies, Salads, Etc. 
  • - Mass Gainers
  • - Shakes
  • - Drink your calories / Drink juices
  • - Lots of carbohydrates
  • - Running / Cardio
  • - Weightlifting

Increasing your meal portions

 is probably your best bet, along with eating foods that are calorie-dense, meaning they contain a lot of calories. Also, foods that can be mixed up with other foods can be ideal to go about; Versatile foods like Oatmeal, you can add a variety of things into it; Peanutbutter, Nuts, Seeds, Protein powder, etc. The more calories, the better - remember that. Supplements like mass-gainers can aid in weight gain too. If you can make smoothies/shakes, that'll be very effective for consuming a ton of calories. Shakes and smoothies are also versatile, and healthy; you can add a whole lot to it - fruits, veggies, etc.

Cardio, weightlifting

 can also stimulate hunger, which makes you eat. When we are active, we are burning calories, and your body needs to be replenished to regain the nutrients back, so thus making cardio and/or weightlifting to go about on the daily basis to increase your appetite.

A Good way to gain weight is by tracking your calories

I use MyfitnessPal, a mobile app, that easily helps you out with your weight-gain/loss journey. It has a built-in journal along with a calculator, that will calculate any food item you input into the system, thus it will give you precise information/details like the calorie/macro/micronutrient count. It's important to track your calories and weight because it'll show you your progress, making you more efficient at it.
- Increase your calories about ~500 calories. Example: Typical Calorie Consumption - 1800, Calorie Surplus: 2300~ Calories.

Remember though, nutrients are your friend.

 You can dirty bulk to gain weight Easily. This is done by eating absolutely anything within sight to acquire calories to be in a surplus. However, with a poor diet, it'll lead to health complications, so I recommend eating clean and making sure that you receive your vital nutrients, from healthy foods, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and more.



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