4 Reasons To Track Your Macros (Carbs, Fats, Proteins)

For athletes, bodybuilders and for those wanting to lose weight

Number (1)  Learn Your Foods, learn the nutrition

When you're tracking your macros, you get to understand what nutrition is like and from there, you can decide on what to consume for nutrients and for other reasons. It's ideal for those who want to optimize their health and for athletic purposes. You can easily manipulate your body physique by changing up the way you consume certain macros. Macros are Proteins, Fats and Carbs.

Number (2)  Learn Your Body

When you're trying to gain or lose weight or fat, you must understand what is causing either fat gain or fat loss. Sometimes we're confused on what is causing these issues. So by tracking your macros, you get a clear understanding of what's happening. If you're excessively consuming carbs, perhaps you're gaining weight or you have too much weight/too much fat, and so in order to manipulate your body weight, decrease the number of carbs you consume and consume more proteins and fats if you're low or deficient in that.

Number (3)  You'll Get Those Gains Easily

When it comes to building muscle, or losing/gaining weight, tracking your macros will give you this mindset that you must reach the quota in order to reach your goal. So if you're serious about performance and/or building muscle, losing fat, gaining fat, etc, it'll be easy for you once you start tracking because without tracking, you have no idea if you're not consuming enough proteins, fats or carbs or if you're consuming too much.

Number (4)   Helps stop junk eating | Stop Over Eating

When it comes to food consumption, sometimes we get carried away because food just is so good! I love food but I tend to get carried away. A cookie will turn into 3 cookies and later on, about 2 minutes later, I'll get ANOTHER 3 cookies, lol, but that's how most people are. It's the way how food is being made nowadays. Our bodies don't recognize the processed foods and therefore, we don't feel full. So, by tracking your macros, you can stop that overeating if you are, you can stop cheating on your diet or eating junk all the time and it'll enforce you to eat more healthily.

Tracking Your Macros is ideal for bodybuilders, and for those who want to optimize their health and/or to lose weight.

If you need help with bodybuilding, losing or gaining weight, read this article.

I began tracking macros because I wanted to understand the basics of nutrition. I know foods contain calories, but there's more to that. Macros are proteins, fats, and carbs. I know bread, pasta, etc contains carbs but I had no idea how it played a role on my body. I sooner or later realized that food is a fuel source and that we shouldn't abuse food just because it's tasteful and fun. I changed the way I thought about food consumption and my life and body began to change for the good.

I started to eat more healthy, began losing weight and started to look way better and more athletic. I loved this feeling because I felt and look great. When I began to change the way I eat and what I consume, I felt better in the mind, felt more clear-headed rather than sluggish all the time or feeling tired and exhausted. Food plays a huge role in our bodies and without the knowledge, you have no idea what's causing the issues.


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