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- Building Muscle
- Meal Prep
- Training Optimization/Guidance
- Lifestyle/health Optimization
- Bulking & Shredding Guidance
"Weight Gain & Weight Loss"

[Meal Prep:]

Vegan Option
Non Vegan Option
- Optimizing health & performance.
- Diet and Nutrition info 101

[Weight Loss Help]

- Optimizing Meals for weightloss, health and for performance.
- Diet and Nutrition info/101.

[Weight Gain Help]

- Diet and Nutrition info 101
- Optimizing Diet for Weight gain, health and for performance.

[Lifestyle & Health Optimization]

- Reduce Stress
- Feel better
- Acquire/Gain more Energy
" Feel more Alive and more focus/alter"
- Improve bodybuilding "gainz"
- Improve health and promote longevitity.
- Eliminate toxicity/negativity from your life

I offer more than Fitness and Health services, I'm a person who you can rely on, a person who you can trust and talk to - I'm your mentor, Therapist, guidance, all the above.

My goal is to Inspire and Motivate You to become the strongest and healthiest version of yourself. 

To accomplish that you must first change your life[style].

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