O.I Coaching

O.I Coaching


My name is Tommy and I have Type 3 Oi.

Not sure if you've heard my story before, but basically to summarize it, I've broken over 100+bones, had countless surgeries, currently a wheelchair user, been through hell and back.

I know how difficult, depressing, impossible somewhat to live life with Oi. Considering we're so delicate, I feel like sometimes we give up on life. However, that should not be your answer and solution; You should live through all the Bs and make it to the top. Everything will get better as soon as you start changing your mentality.

I'm more than a coach, I'm a person who you can depend on, a therapist, a coach, a friend. I encourage everyone to embrace who they are and embrace life as it is.

Coaching Services I Offer:

Mentor | Fitness & Health Coach | Bodybuilding Coach

  • Bodybuilding | Fitness (Building Muscle, Losing or Gaining weight/fat, learning about nutrition and your body, exercise info & much much more that is related to bodybuilding or fitness)
  • Mental Health Coaching - Feeling depressed, down, unmotivated or just not yourself? Everyone goes through depression, but never let it consume you. If you've been consumed by depression or sadness, guilt, etc, you must overcome that mind-state. Mental health is just as important if not more important than physical health. I'm here to guide you to the right path to feeling better and feeling motivated!
  • & More. 
I'm here to make your life better. I'm here to guide you in the right direction. If you need more than what I offer, go ahead and request. 

Pricing & Details:
  • 1 Month/Monthly:   $10   : Includes: Personal Phone Number to Contact me | Full-Time Support | Fb chat | Skype
  • You can contact me whenever, at any time, any day, etc.
  • If I Say I'm busy and will get back to you, please respect that. I also have a life
  • Serious inquiries only. Must be dedicated, and committed to the GOAL!
I accept:
Paypal, cash app, bank transfers, etc!

PayPal Payment: Get Started Now, Today! Click below if you want me to coach you. Begins immediately

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